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  • Do you need access to water?
    No, Normal tap/hose water contains many impurities. We have our own pure distilled water system on-board. Once we clean your windows the water will dry off and leave no watermarks!
  • Do i need to be in when you clean the windows?
    No, we will be in touch before the clean and and provided access is available all around the house there is no requirement for you to be present. I have a clean DBS record check, many customers trust me with gate pin numbers so I can turn up and clean without disturbing anyone.
  • I have a window cleaner, why are you different?
    We are reliable, if we say every 4 weeks we will turn up every 4 weeks. We dont just clean your windows we provide a servce! Windows, frames, sills, doors. Top to bottom, front back and sides.
  • How can I pay you?
    We offer different methods of payment. Cash and bank transfer are accepted but we prefer to set you up on go-cardless and then you can pay automatically as soon as the windows have been cleaned (also best for COVID19 guidlines)
  • Whats the difference between gutter clearing and gutter cleaning?
    When we say gutter clearing we are talking about using a high performance long reach hoover to suck up debris, leaves and moss from INSIDE the gutters, the hoover also unblocks downpies if they are blocked. Gutter cleaning is removing the dirt from the OUTSIDE of the gutters. Normally the facias and soffits are cleaned at the same time. If you need both the inside and outside of the gutters cleaned we will be happy to offer a combo deal.
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